Monday, March 24, 2014

up close and personal

My inspiration for this project was from the boxes of colored pencils that we use in class.  I thought that the bright colors looked really cool and they would make a nice project.  Although i used thumbnails as inspiration, the layout and design of the piece was completely my idea.

I definitely think that i learned a lot from this project.  I am now very familiar with the oil pastels and blending them together.  My transitions from the light areas to the dark ones are much smoother than they were and i have also gotten a lot better at creating rounded surfaces.

This piece shows a lot about what i like in art.  The bright colors make it interesting to look at which i really like. the white on black contrast also makes the white paper look brighter.

I was not very experienced with the oil pastels so going into the project using this material was risky.  Blending of colors was something new that i tried and i think it has a more colorful and realistic look because of this.

My table group gave me a lot of helpful feedback which influenced me to do certain things on this piece.  No one else inspired me to make this, they just helped me out and gave me some new ideas.

Not many challenges occurred as i was working.  Only a few minor setbacks happened which did not affect the piece at all. I just ran out of certain colors while working

I considered how every part of the piece would work and i practiced before putting them on the final.  I was most worried about how the lines would turn out on the white.  I first looked at the whole piece after i finished the pencils.

I found inspiration from our own classroom because of the colored pencil box.  I used technology as a tool to find things for my thumbnails.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Up close and personal materials

My favorite material was the oil pastel. I liked these the most because the colors were really bright and cool looking. I also liked this one because it was easy to blend. The layering was a good technique to use. 

My second favorite material was the chalk pastel. It was really easy to blend because you can use your finger but other than that i didnt like it that much. I think that this would be the best for large pieces that don't require as much details. 

The colored pencils were not that great of a material for me. I didn't like how it blended colors. For something with a lot of details these would be nice since the pencils have smaller tips. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I think that this project turned out pretty good overall. I couldn't think of much to put in the background so i just added some clouds. Scientific was a pretty broad theme considering that almost everything can be scientific in some way. I originally wanted to do a whole desert scene but i decided to focus on just the cactus. The main part of the drawing takes up about two thirds of the paper just like the rule. My opinion on the project is that it is a good first drawing and i learned about different pencil lead hardnesses and how to use them.